Employee Scheduling Software: THE IDEAL FORMAT – THE RIGHT VIEW

March 4, 2014

Hospital Scheduling Software: THE IDEAL FORMAT – THE RIGHT VIEW

A one-size-fits-all approach to scheduling rarely works within the hospital environment. Departments, units, and outpatient areas commonly deploy schedules in 12-hours views, 3 shift views, and a combination of both short and long shifts to meet their patient and staffing requirements. Rolling up these schedules into a house wide view for House Supervisors and Management can be challenging, especially when meeting the specific views required for each situation.
A new Schedule360 house-wide view with unlimited shifts configuration has been released in both HTML and print formats. The scheduling administrator can select and configure the ideal format for their particular needs.

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Case in point, Sentara Virginia Beach Hospital nursing units primarily schedule on 12 hour shifts with a few nursing units utilizing 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shift format. House Supervisors working 8 hour shifts are able to use the new house-wide schedule in a combination format specific to their needs. Janet Ruffin, Director of Patient Care Services, shares  “The supervisors are thrilled with the changes, as am I.”

Find out how Schedule360 helped Presbyterian incorporate self-scheduling for their staff, including float and pool employees and nurses