Scheduling Software Improves Efficiency for COVID-19 Vaccination Events

January 4, 2021

Vaccination events have gained popularity over the years, and range from corporate settings, college campuses, and even sports teams. Many employers will be reaching out to community clinics who offer these services to set up on-site vaccination events for their employees. Even if you already have streamlined scheduling processes in place, staffing through a normal flu season can be challenging. Projected upcoming demands for the COVID-19 vaccine, once it is available, can seem overwhelming as you look for ways to optimize your workforce. Healthcare Staff Scheduling Software Improves Efficiency for COVID-19 Vaccination Events If you are currently struggling with manual staff scheduling methods, you know how overwhelming it can be to manage your workforce this time of year. The projected demands on clinics to help vaccinate against COVID-19 are pushing many administrators to the edge of their staff scheduling capabilities. Workforce planning and optimization needs to be done now in order to ensure clinic readiness when a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available to the public. 

Affordable scheduling software Healthcare staff scheduling software can help your clinic manage the unique staff scheduling demands associated with administering vaccinations in your facility by allowing you to efficiently create and manage your workforce to fill shifts within your clinic as well as staffing off-site vaccination events in your community. 

Obsolete Manual Scheduling Methods 

Manually scheduling for vaccination events for remote or off-site locations is uniquely challenging for clinics and simply isn’t a feasible solution. You need something better.  With employee scheduling software, clinic scheduling managers and admins can quickly and efficiently create and maintain the daily schedule for all clinic staff, even during the busier seasonal times when they are normally meeting an increased demand. Instead of struggling to keep up, clinics can take a proactive stance as they prepare for an even greater challenge of meeting community needs for administering the COVID-19 vaccine, once it becomes available. Both in-person healthcare and off-site vaccination events will increase demands on healthcare facilities as they administer these vaccines in-house and manage a schedule of qualified staff to administer the vaccines at events. Schedule transparency and reporting will be invaluable as you optimize your resources to rise to the challenges ahead.

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Internal Messaging and Urgent Shift Coverage

We can help clinics manage their operations by providing an internal messaging feature built into our healthcare scheduling software. This ensures seamless communication, allowing management to quickly relay critical information to staff, including any urgent shift coverage needs. Utilizing the internal messaging capabilities within the Schedule360 platform creates an efficient flow of information to relevant staff depending on real-time needs. 

Credential Tracking

Staffing for vaccination events is time consuming, especially if you’re still resorting to manual scheduling methods, but healthcare scheduling software from Schedule360 relieves the burden by tracking employee credentials, allowing only certified employees to fill certain shifts. This can be especially useful when you need to know who is trained and qualified to administer vaccines. Schedule360 offers an easier and more effective way to manage your brick and mortar operations along with scheduling these on-site vaccination events, including tracking employee qualifications and credentials giving you an overview of which staff members are certified to administer vaccines, all within the confines of their employee credential profile.

Overtime Thresholds

With healthcare scheduling software from Schedule360, schedulers/admin can instantly view overtime thresholds for available employees to see at a glance those employees still needing hours, and those employees who are close to overtime thresholds. Overtime alerts are built into the system, allowing staff and admins to stay on the same page. 

Schedule360 understands the unique challenges associated with staffing on-site events, while still maintaining appropriate staffing levels in your clinic locations. Our healthcare scheduling software is designed to fit your specific scheduling needs. 

In a time when your current administrative processes are being put to the test, implementing something new with a large staff - sometimes involving multiple locations - seems like the very thing that will tip you over the brink. 

Implementing Staff Scheduling Software

Schedule360 understands the high demands being placed on healthcare schedulers and managers. That's why Schedule360 does the heavy lifting so you can allocate your time to focus on providing quality patient care. We will guide you and your staff through a seamless implementation process and continue to provide customer support far beyond the installation. 

We deliver a configured solution guaranteed to simplify your scheduling process right from the start, streamlining your workflow and giving you the optimized scheduling solution necessary for maximum impact in your community. Contact us today for a configured demo to see exactly how our system will work for you and your staff.