CVS Minute Clinic® Selects Schedule360® Healthcare Scheduling Software to Oversee Provider Shifts Across 1100 Locations.

March 20, 2018

Minute Clinic®, a division of CVS Pharmacy® continues the expansion of Schedule360® for the management of over provider shifts across 1100 U.S. Locations.

CVS Minute Clinic® Selects Schedule360® Employee Management Software to Oversee Provider Shifts Across 1100 Locations.

Minute Clinic®, a wholly owned division of CVS Pharmacy® continues expansion of Schedule360® for the medical scheduling software of choice for over 3200 Provider shifts across 1100 U.S. Locations. They are delighted with the flexibility of customized reports.

Transparent, Web-based Scheduling & Customized Reporting:

As the largest operator of Urgent Care centers in the country, Minute Clinic® continuously strives to automate operations to provide the highest level of care for its patients.

Chris Bocompani, Minute Clinic’s Centralized Provider Scheduling Team Manager comments,

“The moving parts for managing Provider scheduling across multiple regions can at times, be overwhelming. The need for a consistent method along with top-down, real-time reporting, and the flexibility to evolve as our needs change, were several reasons why we chose Schedule360® as our scheduling software”
Find out how Schedule360 gave FastMed the ability to fill and track scheduling changes across locations.
Mr. Bocompani explains further, “The implementation for Schedule360® proved to be a very smooth process. They provided the clincal staffing solutions we were looking for in terms of a staff scheduling software. Not only did the team take the time to understand our current needs, but as importantly took our suggestions for “wish-list” items and developed these requests into a number of user-friendly reports that help us more efficiently manage our scheduling process in real-time. Examples of reports that were developed for us include:

Non-Compliance Reporting:

This report tracks all Provider schedules along with required weekly work targets. The report is color-coded and instantly shows Providers who are in non-compliance. The Administrators for each markets can now drive schedule compliance and report to Central Scheduling in real-time for weekly position control.

Staff Holiday Preference Posting:

All providers can now easily post and submit Holiday preferences through their respective online portals well in advance of future Holidays. This feature is integrated into the Schedule for each location and allows Administrators the both ability to approve holidays as well backfill open shifts through one report.

MOC (Manager On Call):

The MOC report allows Managers for the various locations the ability to manage call schedules and cover each other’s shifts on a Daily/Weekly/Monthly basis. This report displays in real-time for corporate reporting and eliminates the back-n-forth process of phone calls, texts, and emails to swap and cover On Call shifts.

Schedule360® is a highly scalable on-demand scheduling software solution designed to automate the labor management processes of scheduling and staffing. As a premiere cloud based scheduling program, Schedule360 allows users and managers to access their schedule 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Schedule360® harnesses the power of the web through a “rule-based” system to provide the ultimate in schedule automation while ensuring the correct clinical mix for every shift and every unit within a facility. Schedule360® can be accessed from any internet connection by all users allowing full optimization of all FTE and PRN employees. Self-scheduling, Staggered Group Rotations, Set-Scheduling, and Dispatching Open needs, paired with comprehensive, proactive real-time reports are but just a few features offered.

About Minute Clinic®

CVS Minute Clinic® operates over 1100 Urgent Care Centers with approximately 3200 Providers across the United States.

New call-to-actionAbout Schedule360®

The Schedule360® system was created to harness the power of web-based applications to solve the age-old dilemma of taming the chaos of labor-management and staffing/scheduling. We are a nimble, customer-centric organization that does not subscribe to a “one-size-fits-all” approach to application development. Our applications achieve real-world results and are built to provide both immediate and long-term ROI.

The Schedule360® suite of labor management applications currently serves a diverse group of customers within the healthcare delivery sector. Regardless of the size of your organization, we have the application, but more importantly, the expertise to design a solution to fit your labor-management needs. For additional information, contact us today!