Lourdes Health Network Utilizes Schedule360 Nurse Scheduling Software

March 13, 2018

Ascension-Owned Lourdes Health Network Utilizes Schedule360 Nurse Scheduling Software

Serving the Mid-Columbia Valley for over 100 years, Lourdes Health is a vital part of the healthcare community of Pasco, WA with a Mission that is an extension of the healing ministry of Jesus. Lourdes Health initially selected Schedule360® for their nurse scheduling software in February, 2012 to automate Shift Scheduling for its Nursing Department through a web-based platform.

Union Nursing Environment requires Staffing Transparency and Accountability:

Julie Fancey, Staffing Coordinator for Lourdes Health explains: Lourdes Health Nursing operates in a Union environment with the overriding goal of providing patient safety through the highest level of care.Schedule360® has been a very useful system in allowing Lourdes to set the appropriate mix of nursing personnel by skill to ensure a safe level of staffing for every department on every shift.Find out how Schedule360 helped Presbyterian incorporate self-scheduling for their staff, including float and pool employees and nurses

Staying Proactive With Nurse Scheduling Software

Proactively, we have a Master Schedule for each department that creates the number of shifts we need for each day and encompasses the both the number of Staff and Skill levels to achieve an optimal level of staffing. Additionally, we employ a scheduling process that is a combination of Employee Set, Recurring Schedules along with a Self-Scheduling protocol that allows Staff to pick up shifts online within departments where they are qualified to work.

The transparent nature of the House Schedule allows our Supervisors to efficiently manage openings in both the short-term and long-term to maintain coverage. Schedule360® provides Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Custom Date Range reporting to track all levels of Staff Scheduling and helps drive compliance to respective targets.

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Time-Attendance Interface and Vendor Responsiveness:

Ms. Fancey comments further: Several years ago, we interfaced Schedule360® to our Kronos Time-Attendance system. The interface functions to push the schedule record for every employee into the Time-Attendance system and improves both the accuracy as well as the timeliness for payroll processing. The interface, initially seemed complicated, but was efficiently managed by the Schedule360® Team.

The Schedule360® Team has been responsive to our needs with updated reporting, ongoing training and are very timely with system issues and fixes, as those needs arise. One of the best results is that we receive this level of service without being charged extra for every request we make. We are extremely happy with the performance of the system and the level of service we receive from Schedule360®.

Schedule360® is a highly scalable solution designed to automate the labor management processes of scheduling and staffing. Schedule360® harnesses the power of the web through a “rules-based” system to provide the ultimate in schedule automation while ensuring the correct clinical mix for every shift and every unit within a facility. Schedule360® can be accessed from any internet connection by all users allowing full optimization of all FTE and PRN employees. Self-scheduling, Staggered Group Rotations, Set-Scheduling, and Dispatching Open needs, paired with comprehensive, proactive real-time reports are but just a few features offered.

About Schedule360®

The Schedule360® system was created to harness the power of web-based applications to solve the age-old dilemma of taming the chaos of labor-management and staffing/scheduling. We are a nimble, customer-centric organization that does not subscribe to a “one-size-fits-all” approach to application development. Our applications achieve real-world results and are built to provide both immediate and long-term ROI.

The Schedule360® suite of employee management software applications currently serves a diverse group of customers within the healthcare delivery sector. Regardless of the size of your organization, we have the application, but more importantly, the expertise to design a solution to fit your labor-management needs. For additional information, contact us to find out why We Know Scheduling.